Iceprotein ehf. is an Icelandic biotech company, that focuses on research and development of modern „green“ production technology to utilize valuable and highly biologically active aquatic proteins and protein derivatives from by-products of the Icelandic fishery and aquaculture industry.

Our aim is to utilize the rest raw material from the Icelandic fish industry to ensure the optimal use of a natural resource.

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While worlds fish stocks are declining and several fisheries are currently over exploited the demand for fish in the world reaches all-time high. According to FAO (FAOSTAT, 2011), the contribution of fish to global diets has reached a record of almost 17 kg per person on average, supplying over three billion people with at least 15% of their average animal protein intake.

There is an urgent need to find ways to optimize utilization of aquatic resources.


Fish waste or by-products can account for up to 75% of the fish depending on post-harvest or industrial preparation processes.

With a grand total of more than 90 million metric tons wild-caught fish (The Global Education Project, 2011) and a global aquaculture production of more than 70 million metric tons (FAO, 2011), tremendous amount of aquatic by-products is generated.

With improved recovery technology and increased scientific understanding of the properties of aquatic proteins and other valuable components, by-products may be transformed to highly valuable commodities.

There is a huge potential for making high value products from fish by-products.

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